Nursing Education in Washington

Nursing Education in Washington

CNEWS is the Council on Nursing Education in Washington State. All Deans and Directors of approved nursing education programs in Washington State are members.

CNEWS leads the transformation of nursing education in Washington State to benefit the people of our state and beyond.

1. Promote excellence in nursing education.
2. Increase nursing education’s responsiveness to the health and health care needs of the people.
3. Share and promote best practices in nursing education.
4. Provide a forum for collaboration and meaningful discussion about nursing education.

Resources for Nurse Educators:
Toolkit for Deans and Directors

Master Plan for Nursing Education

The State of Washington, like other states, is facing a severe nursing shortage which will only worsen in coming decades. An aging population will increase demand for nursing services at the same time that an aging nursing workforce will be retiring in large numbers. While nursing programs in Washington State have expanded dramatically in the past 10 years, there are still many qualified applicants who are turned away, primarily due to shortages of faculty and clinical sites.

In response to this shortage, the MP_4.2.08 in Washington State was developed by WCN in collaboration with multiple partners and stakeholders, and sponsored by a grant from the Department of Health. It provides a framework for comprehensive transformation of the nursing education system in Washington State and offers a set of interconnected recommendations focused on four areas: competency, supply, diversity, and access.
Master Plan for Nursing Education, published in 2008.

“It’s so rewarding watching my students grow and knowing that my career as a nurse is benefiting them.”