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Nursing: From Social Anxiety to Social Media

Are you thinking about nursing as a career? This motivating video by Nurse Advocate Stefan Torres shares the one thing you need to be a great nurse. It also shares his journey along the way to his dream career.

Promoting Nursing Education as a Career It Takes a Nurse to Make a Nurse

Self-Care for Nurses: A Matter of Life and Death
A WCN Nurses Week 2020 Video Series

Note: No license surcharge fees were used to produce this video series.

Series Introduction Video
Part 1: I Rest My Pillow-Case
(getting enough sleep is empowering)
Part 2: That's Life
(practicing acceptance)
HealthPart 3: So Crazy, It Just Might Work
the value of therapy)
Explore Your Future in Nursing Part 4: Our Hangry Hearts
(nutrition and exercise)
Part 5: Short and Sweet Critique
(team debriefing for traumatic experiences)
Part 6: No More Ends to Burn
(on burnout)
Part 7: A Block Down Memory Lane
(journaling as a tool)

WCN Videos

A Healthier Washington Starts with Nurses (Long Version)
A Healthier Washington Starts with Nurses (Short Version)
It Takes a Village
Advancing Nursing Education, Advancing Health
Explore Your Future in Nursing
Be A Nurse
Dorene Hersh: Leadership is Important in Every Aspect of Nursing

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